“The Mediterranean in a bottle and a soap”

The sun and the garrigue, the bastide villages surrounded by lavender fields stretching as far as the eye can see, the strident chirping of the cicadas... It is because he fell under the spell of the Mediterranean region and the fruits of its land, especially its olives, that Laurent Marchand,  president of Groupe GM, market leader in hotel amenity products, was motivated to create the Damana Earth & Sun line in 2003. His source of inspiration? Claude Berri’s film Manon des Sources, adapted from the Marcel Pagnol’s novel set in Provence, which tells a story of revenge and the struggle for the land and spring water needed to grow carnations. Marked by the natural and wild beauty of Emmanuelle Béart, who plays Manon, and inspired by the many virtues of the fruit of olive groves, Laurent Marchand first imagined a recipe for Gentle Soap with Nourishing Extracts of Olive Oil. 

Respect for the environment and the use of natural origin ingredients have always been part of the company’s DNA. Nature is so rich in benefits that it inspires the creation of every product in the Damana Earth & Sun line, which uses extracts of herbs with medicinal virtues.

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