NUXE is a French skincare and Spa brand now brought to you as a luxury Hotel Amenity Line. Founded in 1957 by a pharmacist whose passion was aromatherapy and phytotherapy (Phytotherapy is the study of the use of extracts from natural origin). NUXE bases its expertise on advanced product performance, respect for nature and pleasure.

Today NUXE is sold in over 5,000 retail outlets in France and distributed in 58 countries. In the UK it is sold in many high-end stores and is available from Marks and Spencer instore and online.

The NUXE Hotel Amenity Line is based on the retail range Rêve de Miel 'Honey Dream' suitable for dry and sensitive skin with a sweet honey fragrance.

NUXE has a strong commitment towards Bee protection and supports 'Un toit pour les abeilles' - translated to mean 'a roof for the bees'.

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