Code of conduct

1. Health & Safety. Bed & Bath offers a safe working environment for its employees, conforming to
Swedish health and safety laws and regulations and takes all adequate steps to avoid injuries and
accidents. The company has appointed a responsible safety representative.
2. Freedom to join unions. According to Swedish labor laws, all personnel at Bed & Bath have
freedom of association and collective bargaining.
3. Discrimination. Bed & Bath does not support discrimination in hiring based on age, sexual
preference, religion, gender, national origin, political views, disability or union membership.
4. Behavior. Bed & Bath shall not allow behavior including gestures, language, and physical contact
that is sexually coercive, threatening or abusive.
5. Company representative. The company has appointed a management representative and a nonmanagement
representative to ensure all criteria above are followed.
6. Control of suppliers. Bed & Bath requires all suppliers to follow their domestic labor laws with
regards to:
      1. Child labor. According to ILO convention 138.
      2. Equal opportunities for its personnel, regardless of age, sexual preference, religion, gender
          or national origin.
      3. Forced labor. Bed & Bath requires all suppliers not to engage personnel which have not
         volunteered freely to work for their company.
      4. Health & Safety. All suppliers should offer a safe, clean and healthy working environment,
         including clean washrooms and running water.
      5. Work week. All suppliers should comply with the domestic industry standards of workweek
         and should not on a regular basis exceed 48 hours and all personnel should have at least
         one day off in every seven day period.
      6. Sub-contractors. Bed & Bath requires all its suppliers to enforce the same standards above
          to its sub contractors.
      7. Documentation. All suppliers should document that all above has been established.
      8. Factory visits. Bed & Bath, or through an inspection company, have visited and inspected
         virtually all suppliers’ facilities where products for Bed & Bath are manufactured, to ensure all
         requirements above are met.
7. All suppliers will receive Bed & Bath’s Code of Conduct policy for review before commencing
business with Bed & Bath.


Queries, concerning Bed & Bath’s Code of Conduct, are directed the company’s responsible manager,
John P. Berg, at or +46 42 26 66 66